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NERO Company has been a part of the construction industry since 1994.

Our beginnings were modest. We started our business with the proverbial hammer and a pack of nails in our pocket. However, with time and number of completed projects our company has reached a competitive and attractively priced position within the construction industry. We currently employ more than a dozen employees and maintain cooperation with clients both at home and abroad. At a time when it is difficult to find skilled personnel, our staff is a perfect example of a well-trained and attuned team. A constant collaboration within the group guarantees quicker implementation of the set objectives.

We are very flexible, and can perform almost any request. There is nothing impossible for us; it may only be slightly more expensive to implement. Our equipment provides us with sufficient opportunities to make our services at the highest level of professionalism. Each piece we build is a picture of the enormous effort and work inserted by us in the implementation of the project. It is also a trace and a certificate of a job well done.

Cooperation with Western firms provides us with an access to the newest technologies that are constantly introduced to the market. This enables our company to be always updated with new trends in construction and renovation markets. Imparted with experience, it provides a duet, which always guarantees the highest quality of work and services offered. We do not intend to convince you that we are one of the most valuable companies on the market, because we are confident that you yourself will find this immediately after you begin to use our services.

We aim to create surroundings that meet the requirements as to functionality, reliability, comfort, beauty and aesthetics, and above all satisfying the main assumption: perfection in terms of performance. Our achievements include: new constructions, renovations of the existing buildings, and making changes to interior offices. We are not afraid to do minor renovations, either.

Currently, we offer our services not only in Poland but also in countries of the Western Europe.

We invite you to become familiar with the Gallery containing some of the projects completed by us.